A mixed pack of our Lager and Pale Ale.


MMW Pale Ale 

A modern Australian Pale Ale, influenced by both British and American varieties. 

The malt driven palate gives a greater richness and fullness to the beer, while the addition of a blend of dry hops in the fermenter provides the distinctive floral and citrus aroma of a Pale Ale.   


MMW Lager

A refreshing and easy to drink 'draught' beer. 

Using a selection of hops to give it a distinctive Lager flavour, the MMW Lager displays a citrusy, sweet aroma. The sweet malt and citrus driven palate gives a great freshness and gentle bitterness to the beer which leaves a clean and dry finish with each sip. 


Available in 4 pack, 6 pack and carton (24 pack).

Also available in non mixed packs of Lager and Pale Ale.

MMW Lager and Pale Ale Mixed Pack